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Each of us has a story. 


Sometimes when we walk into a new environment or are confronted with a conflicting opinion, we leave our story behind. As BIPOC artists, we have a history of fitting ourselves into other people’s ideas of who we are. But deep down, we know our story needs to be told. We just need some help telling it.  


In this time of social and political unrest, the only thing we know for sure is that change is happening all around us. And we have two choices: to hide from that change or to be a part of making that change happen. 


That’s why I am here. To help BIPOC artistic citizens own their stories so that they can make change. 


If you are a student artist, I help you organize your raw skills into a functional process so that you approach your craft with heart, bravery, and intellect. 


If you are a professional artist, I help you finesse your interpretive skills so that you navigate the changing artistic landscape with confidence.


Integrating Viewpoints, Laban, Meisner and Text Analysis, I coach actors to:


  1. Invest more fully in their given circumstances

  2. Vocalize their text in a deeply meaningful way

  3. Engage their body as a 360 degree storytelling vessel

  4. Bring the totality of themselves to the humans they create


A creative revolution is upon us. And your place is inside of it.


Let’s take the first step together. johanngeorge01@gmail.com

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